About us

Rivary was founded in 2011 and has since supported credit institutions, CSDs and custodian banks in dealing with new regulatory requirements with a focus on derivatives, digitalization of banking services or strategic alignment. 

Our office is currently located in Hungary.

Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive. We value equality between genders and nationalities. For us, only the quality counts not the origin. We value honesty and direct, open communication. Creativity is part of the intelligence. We want the best to become the best. We don´t laugh about crazy ideas as this could be the new facebook or amazon. With us, nobody has to pretend. We treat employees like people and promote personalities.

Problems are there to be solved and no problem is worse than the death. Laugh with us and not about us.

Edison needed 10,000 attempts to invent the light bulb. Not every idea or project leads immediately to success, but you learn from every attempt. Only those who never tried it out will definitely fail.

You can contact us directly. We are VAT liable in Hungary and can issue B2B invoicess directly to banks. Of course we also have a business insurance for our activities.  If necessary, we can also put together suitable multilingual teams for you to implement your project. Cooperations with auditing companies or other management consultancies are also possible.

We offer business advice to banks across Europe.

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