Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR)

In October 2011 the European Commission published a new policy on corporate social responsibilty.

Enterprises should have a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical and human rights concerns in their operations and strategy in cooperation with their stakeholders.

The policy introduced an action plan for 8 areas within the period 2011-2014:

  • Enhancing visibility by an European Award, sector-based platforms for companies and stakeholders for commitments and monitoring
  • Improving trust by surveys and public debates
  • Improve self- and co-regulation
  • Enhance market reward
  • Improve disclusure of social and environmental information by new legislative proposal
  • Further integration in education, training and research
  • Emphasising the importance of CSR policies
  • Better alligning approaches to CSR by for example ISO 26000 Guidance Standard on social responsibility

For more information (cf. European Commission, retrieved 28/09/2012)

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